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Reasons why you would be required to attend Traffic Survival School:

  • You were ticketed for a red light and paid the ticket.
  • You received a ticket under the age of 18 and before attending Defensive Driving paid the fine.
  • You have earned 8 - 12 points against your drivers license.
  • You got a ticket out of state and that state requires you to attend traffic survival school.
  • You received a DUI.

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Class times are from 8am to 4:30pm. you need to arrive 15 minuets early and bring your letter from National Safety Council- ADOT, your PHOTO ID, and $130 Cash, money order, or pre-pay here online for only $135, and bring your online payment reciept. If you do not have your ADOT letter we can print a copy the day of the class for a $3 fee



Traffic School Types in Arizona

There are two types of Arizona Traffic Safety courses: Defensive Driving School and Traffic Survival School. All Valley Wide Traffic Survival School solely offers Traffic Survival School in a classroom setting over an 8-hour course. There are no Online Traffic Survival Schools offering remote learning opportunities to take the class. Don’t be fooled! You need to attend Traffic Survival School in a classroom-style setting.

Traffic Survival School VS Defensive Driving School

Traffic Survival School

8-Hour course
Classroom setting
Monitored & Mandated by MVD

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Defensive Driving School

4-hour course
Offered online
Certified by the Arizona Supreme Court

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We want you to leave our class a safer driver. Our instructors are all very carefully selected. We have all spent many hours training and we are all MVD and National Safety Council certified.